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Profile Picture - Monochrome illustration of the artist grumpily sipping tea

Telling stories with pictures professionally since 2007. Serious tea drinker. Kind of a silly.

Hey, friend. I’m Abrian Curington.

I make comics, maps and illustrations, for worlds both real and imagined. I enjoy drawing food, wild landscapes and goofy expressions.

Got a question? Just wanting to say hello? Send me an email:

Abrian.Curington @
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Current Project: Janus

Receiving the burden of an old god’s power isn’t considered a pleasant gift. Marjam is the newest bearer of the ancient god Janus’ powers… or at least some of them. Not enough to get her back out of Tartarus – The Prison of Wicked Souls, when she is lured and entrapped there, soon after her training is finished. There is one thing she could do, to save herself and the others trapped there, but it would require confronting a deep, ancient darkness within her soul… surely, there’s another way.

Janus Comic Icon - A short-haired girl in a red hood looks forward, as two beige statues look left and right
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